What are crypto NFTs and where to Buy and Sell and Mint your NFT FREE in 2022 ?

NFT meaning (Non-Fungible Token) NFT Crypto is a new digital asset that uses blockchain technology to create tamper-proof, secure tokens. They’re often used in games, social media platforms, and other applications where users need to exchange assets with each other.

Different types of nfts ?

  • Art Nft (artist work)
  • Music Nft
  • selfie Nft
  • Any type of digital assets

How to make your own NFTs ? Where to buy and sell nft ?

mykima/bored ape
image source : coinmarketcap bored ape

BEST NFTs websites platform where you can mint your Digital assets into NFTs and sell them

mint*-: converting your art collectibles into a unique blockchain address.

top10  trending NFTs on 12/9/2022
top10 trending NFTs on 12/9/2022

Some of the marketplace (websites ) where you can mint your nfts are :-

  • Opensea.io  : amazon of Nft s

  Type: Art, music, photography, collectibles, sports, virtual worlds, and more   

otherbird nft
A sample of otherbird nft on opensea.io

 Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Klatyn

You can find  all types of NFTs

You can buy and sell in  over 150 cryptocurrencies

How to mint Nft Free  ?

You can mint your Nft free ( without gas fee ) on opensea.io with Polygon blockchain network . 

  • Binance exchange 

          All forms of NFTs 

          Blockchain: BSC, ETH

          gas fee is just 1%

          broadest and secure Nft market

  • SuperRare : Art Market

           On SuperRare only art market platform  you can find  Digital art Nft.

           Highly rare and curated artwork.

           NOt everyone has a chance to get listed on this platform to sell their artwork

           Blockchain: Ethereum

          Popular among art communitys ,art collectibles 

  • Mintable

          On this platform you can make and sell nft very easily

          Types of Nfts : Art, art music, animation, games, video, media

          Blockchain     :    thereum, ImmutableX E

          Varies NFT collection, very easy to use 

          Only unique and quality NFts are there.

  •     Rarible :   Community Owned 

As a Name Rarible this platform has rare Media and art collection.

          Types : Art, photography, games , art music

          Blockchain Buy sell: Ethereum, Flow, Tezos

          FLOW , TEZOS are gas Free .

  •     Cyrpto.com

          Same as  Binance marketplace  you can  buy and sell NFTs 

          On crypto.com art artists get to option 1. Curated and 2. Non-Curated 

          In Curated -you get a unique art collection from art artists

          where as in Non-Curated copied one

  •  Coinbase NFT

         NFTs: Digital art, verified and unique artists art

         Blockchain: Ethereum

         Community based 

         Random and Exclusive NFT crypto  drops 

mykima/mutant ape
image source : coinmarketcap mutant ape

Everything You Need To Know About NFT : Frequently asked Questions And Answers 

Q1. What is nft  Explained 

Ans : Nfts are digital assets on the blockchain  technologies  .they can be of any type music , art ,photos , etc . nfts meaning ( Non Fungible Token )

Q2. What is Nft Exchange ?

Ans : NFT Exchanges are the platform Where you Can buy and sell your digital and after minting. some platforms also provide minting of nfts on their platform.

Q3.what is nft Flipping ?

 Ans : NFT Flipping is a process of buying and selling NFTs on the blockchain market like Binance exchange and opensea . By using this process,
you can make a profit by buying NFTs that are about to increase in value and selling them
later for a higher price.

Q3.What is nft event ?

Ans : NFT crypto occasions are fundamental for blockchain experts and crypto lovers, whether virtual or face-to-face. Going to NFT meetings is the principal method for keeping educated regarding the most recent industry patterns and organization with others you’ve met in crypto networks.

Q4. Crypto Wallet is essential ?

Ans : Yes , trading in NFTs you have to need a Crypto wallet which you can get from Binance.com, Crypto.com , Opensea.io

Q5.How to mint NFT free ?

Ans : Yes, you can mint your NFT FREE on opensea.io with Polygon Blockchain you have to pay no Gas Fee on Polygon chain network and you can mint your NFT FREE .

STEP 1. Set up your opensea.io account and complete your profile.

STEP 2. Go to RESOURCES tap on top of the menu.

STEP 3. In resource dropdown menu select ‘Gas Free Marketplace ‘.

where you can mint your NFT free . And sell it on opensea .

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