At least 129 dead in riots at an Indonesian soccer match

At least 129 dead in riots at an Indonesian soccer match

Officials reported that a stampede caused by police firing tear gas into throngs of rioting soccer fans on Saturday night in Indonesia resulted in at least 129 deaths. 129 people died, according to a statement from the president, Joko Widodo. 180 more people were reportedly hurt, according to local media. According to the Associated Press, … Read more

The US Navy said ‘traces’ of jet fuel were found in the water on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. A sailor says the problem was way worse.[ oct 2002]

The US Navy said 'traces' of jet fuel were found in the water on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. A sailor says the problem was way worse.

Only “traces,” according to the US Navy, of jet fuel were discovered in the sea on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. A sailor, however, claimed to Insider that they had been exposed to an “unhealthy amount” of fuel and provided a picture as proof. Additionally, they said that despite having health concerns, they didn’t get … Read more

Here Are the Consequences of Missing a Mortgage Payment

Homeowners having variable-rate mortgages (or fixed-rate mortgages reaching the end of their terms) could experience abrupt monthly payment increases as a result of rising interest rates. One in five Canadians (20%) express concern about not being able to pay mortgage or rent payments if Canada reaches a recession, in a September 2022 NerdWallet survey conducted … Read more

Holding It Together: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin Is cryptocurrency “Close To The Bottom” during the tech-stock meltdown?

At 8:11 p.m. EDT on Thursday, major coins were mixed as the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies increased by 0.5% to $947 billion. Major coins showed resilience in the face of a tech crisis on Thursday on the stock market, despite Ethereum trading in the red. While the S&P lost about 80 points, the Nasdaq … Read more

Russia vs Ukraine: Putin illegally annexes Ukraine land; Kyiv seeks NATO entry

In a drastic escalation of the seven-month invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin made deals on Friday to illegally seize additional occupied Ukrainian territory. The president of Ukraine responded right away by unexpectedly submitting an application to join the NATO armed alliance. Fears of a full-fledged battle between Russia and the West are increasing as a … Read more

President Poll: Most U.S. voters now say Trump should not be allowed to serve as president again

A slim majority of those who are registered to vote (51%) now say that Donald Trump should not “be allowed to take office again in the future” given “what we know about ongoing investigations into him.” Only 35% of voters believe Trump should be re-elected. Others (14%) are uncertain. The survey of 1,566 American adults … Read more

Florida’s house insurance market might be destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian might destroy Florida’s already vulnerable homeowner insurance market. According to experts, a significant storm like Ian might cause some insurance companies to go bankrupt, making it more difficult for claimants to be compensated. MORE: What Hurricane Ian means for food and gas prices At least 12 insurance companies have closed their doors in … Read more

Apple company listened to your complaints and is changing iOS 16’s battery percentage icon

People have expressed strong opinions on the icon ever since the globe first saw the reintroduced battery % indicator in iOS 16 at the beginning of last month. Many said Apple might have done a better job with it, including Cherlynn Low, the deputy editor of Engadget. Until your iPhone’s battery drains to less than … Read more