Liz Truss : Britain’s new Prime Minister after Boris johnson

Conservative Party pioneer Liz Truss was on Tuesday (6 sep 2022)officially named as Britain’s new Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth II, turning into the third female head of the country.

Liz truss
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Following her illustrious crowd, 47-year-old Ms. LIz Truss will be flown right back to 10 Downing Street in London to convey her debut discourse as the Prime Minister prior to proceeding to disclose some key Cabinet posts.

Earlier, outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson submitted his resignation to the Queen who is currently at Balmoral, her retreat in Aberdeenshire, for her annual vacation

On Monday, Ms. Truss defeated former Chancellor Rishi Sunak to take charge as Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak to not be alias of Truss government
Ms. Sunak, the British-Indian previous Finance Minister who lost his Tory authority bid 57-43%, said he was “pleased” of the mission he ran and has demonstrated he didn’t want to serve in a Ms. Support drove Cabinet whenever extended to an employment opportunity.

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