Florida alligators and snakes are swarming around unlivable homes that have been ravaged by Hurricane Ian: fire official

An official reported that alligators and snakes are flocking near Florida homes damaged by Hurricane Ian.

There are several sites that are uninhabitable, William Briscoe, the fire chief in Sanibel

Alligators are slithering about, and there are snakes everywhere, said Briscoe.

According to a local fire authority, alligators and snakes are flocking around Florida homes that Hurricane Ian has rendered uninhabitable.

According to Sanibel Fire Chief William Briscoe, the hurricane, which made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm in southwest Florida last week, damaged every home on the barrier island.

“There are many sites that cannot support human habitation. There are places that aren’t on their foundation, and the outside is quite unsafe “Briscoe spoke to the news organisation.

He continued, “There are snakes everywhere, and there are alligators wandering about.”

When Hurricane Ian wrecked havoc on the state, it damaged parts of the Sanibel Causeway, the sole road that connects the barrier island to the mainland.

Since the storm hit Sanibel on September 28, 1,000 people had already been evacuated, according to Briscoe.

The largest barrier island in Florida’s Gulf Coast, Pine Island, is experiencing comparable damage thanks to Ian.

After the hurricane destroyed the sole bridge to access to the island, supplies and food are now being airdropped there by helicopter.

“Pine Island is receiving deliveries of food. Now, will it be sufficient to keep them going for a while? No one of us can yet, including myself, say that “According to the news source, Roger Desjarlais, the manager of Lee County, remarked.

Numerous people were killed as Ian made landfall over southwestern Florida and brought with it winds of 150 mph, hazardous storm surges, and catastrophic floods.

In addition to trapping residents inside their flooded houses, the storm caused millions of people to lose electricity, leaving a path of destruction across Florida.

At a press conference on Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reported that 1,900 people had been saved around the state.

Additionally, he claimed that Florida has seen the highest concentration of search and rescue teams since the terrorist events of 9/11.

More than 2.1 million consumers now have power, according to DeSantis, who added that 5% of them still do not.

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