Florida alligators and snakes are swarming around unlivable homes that have been ravaged by Hurricane Ian: fire official

An official reported that alligators and snakes are flocking near Florida homes damaged by Hurricane Ian. There are several sites that are uninhabitable, William Briscoe, the fire chief in Sanibel Alligators are slithering about, and there are snakes everywhere, said Briscoe. According to a local fire authority, alligators and snakes are flocking around Florida homes … Read more

Here Are the Consequences of Missing a Mortgage Payment

Homeowners having variable-rate mortgages (or fixed-rate mortgages reaching the end of their terms) could experience abrupt monthly payment increases as a result of rising interest rates. One in five Canadians (20%) express concern about not being able to pay mortgage or rent payments if Canada reaches a recession, in a September 2022 NerdWallet survey conducted … Read more

What are crypto NFTs and where to Buy and Sell and Mint your NFT FREE in 2022 ?

otherbird nft image

NFT meaning (Non-Fungible Token) NFT Crypto is a new digital asset that uses blockchain technology to create tamper-proof, secure tokens. They’re often used in games, social media platforms, and other applications where users need to exchange assets with each other. Different types of nfts ? Art Nft (artist work) Music Nft selfie Nft Any type … Read more