Here Are the Consequences of Missing a Mortgage Payment

Homeowners having variable-rate mortgages (or fixed-rate mortgages reaching the end of their terms) could experience abrupt monthly payment increases as a result of rising interest rates. One in five Canadians (20%) express concern about not being able to pay mortgage or rent payments if Canada reaches a recession, in a September 2022 NerdWallet survey conducted … Read more

What are crypto NFTs and where to Buy and Sell and Mint your NFT FREE in 2022 ?

otherbird nft image

NFT meaning (Non-Fungible Token) NFT Crypto is a new digital asset that uses blockchain technology to create tamper-proof, secure tokens. They’re often used in games, social media platforms, and other applications where users need to exchange assets with each other. Different types of nfts ? Art Nft (artist work) Music Nft selfie Nft Any type … Read more