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2007 San Francisco Korean American Film Festival in association with the San Francisco Asian Film Festival brings you 40 films from across Asia as well as Korean American shorts. Full schedules, festival info, tickets and more will be available soon at:

SINCE 2000, KIMA has played a vital role for Korean American film in Northern California and has provided a rare opportunity for Korean Americans to experience Korean cinema and independent media work. We aim to establish an open community where different ideas and Korean American experiences are shared among Korean American community members and to further strengthen a global network of Korean American media artists.

HIGHLIGHTS Previous festivals included recognized Korean films such as Oasis, Memories of Murder, and Taegukki among many others and Korean American feature films such as Robot Stories, Grace Lee Project, and Score . We’ve also showcased various short films and independent documentaries covering issues from negotiating ones identity to domestic violence. In addition to the screenings, the Festival has brought prestigious directors such as Greg Pak, Myung Se Lee, Je-Kyu Kang, Seung Wan Ryu and many others. And the festival is known as an exciting hub for filmmakers, critics, scholars, and film lovers.


Members of KIMA are currently composed of Korean, Korean-American, and American students and professors at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, and the Academy of Art University. We have a passion for visual art and are eager to explore various aspects of media such as aesthetics, production, industry, and emerging media technologies. As we extend our activities of audio-visual arts through events, seminars, and studies, we expect that more members from diverse cultural backgrounds will join us.

These film and video movements are aimed at establishing a constructive media culture that enables the members to see Korean and American visual arts from their own distinctive yet complementary perspectives. We strongly believe that these activities will eventually help develop both Korean and mainstream visual arts.

KIMA Staff
President: Waylon McGuigan Vice President: TBA

Faculty Advisors
Chul Heo, Assistant ProfessorBroadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, SFSUchulheo@sfsu.edu
Grace Yoo, Associate ProfessorAsian American Studies, SFSUgracey@sfsu.edu
Brent Malin, Assistant ProfessorBroadcast and Electronic Communcation Arts, SFSUbmalin@sfsu.edu


2000. 11 > Founding KIMA- President: Minku Kwon- Vice President: Sangwoo Lee, Seunghwan Lee
2001. 2.16 ~ 2.18 > 1st (2001) KIMA Korean Film Festival
2001. 2.26 > Launching the 2nd KIMA Staff- President: Jongsuk Lee- Vice-President: Eunjung Lee
2002. 9.6 ~ 9.8 > 2nd (2002) KIMA Korean Film Festival
2002. 9.13 > Launching the 3rd KIMA Staff- President: Eunjung Lee- Vice-President: David Park
2003. 2.13 ~ 5.6 > KIMA Movie Nights at Coppola Theatre, SFSU
2003. 2.21 ~ 2.22 > KIMA M.T. at Petaluma
2003. 11.4 ~ 11.9 > 2003 SFKAMAF (San Francisco Korean American Media Arts Festival)
2005. 3.9 > Launching the 4th KIMA Staff-President: David Park-Vice-President: Waylon McGuigan
2006. 2.7 ~ 2.12 > 2006 SFKAFF (San Francisco Korean American Film Festival)
2006. 3 ~ 12 > 5th KIMA Staff-President: Hwa-Yoon Yunice Chun-Vice-President: Waylon McGuigan2007. 1 ~ current > 6th KIMA Staff -President: Waylon McGuigan


As a cultural association, we are dedicated to introducing the Korean aural-visual culture to American society as well as the Korean-American community.
As an academic association, we attempt to enrich the knowledge of contemporary media arts by holding academic seminars and conferences for people who are interested in studying new media art.

As an educational association for college students, we support and encourage student artists working in the field of electronic media arts, which includes film, video, and multimedia through various academic seminars, production workshops, and public screenings.

Para melhor atender seus clientes a Caixa Econômica Federal criou o site da CAIXA que pode ser acessado pelo link www.caixa.gov.br, e através dele os clientes podem acessar diversos recursos e serviços que dão mais comodidade e facilitam suas vidas e permite o cadastro conta da caixa. Dentre os vários recursos merece destaque a Internet Banking da CAIXA, que possibilita aos correntistas ter acesso a sua conta corrente ou poupança pela internet, com muita rapidez e segurança.


Movie Nights
Monthly screening of Korean movies in Coppolar Theater at SFSU. It is open to the public and free admission. The themes of the movies vary: action, thriller, comedy, romance, S.F., and more. Please visit the Movie Nights page for more information.

Film Discussion and Forum
A chance to meet domestic/international film directors and professionals. There will be guest speakers invited and a discussion session after forums.

Study Group
If you are interested in the studies in Korean media, you should join our study group. You will have opportunities to see various independent films as well as contemporary ones. Also, there will be lectures and workshops provided by field professionals associated with KIMA.

Production Workshop
A KIMA production is under progress this year. It is of a 30sec/1min commercial film. Anyone with an interest in making a commercial should participate, and will be welcomed as producers and directors as well as other positions.

Membership training for KIMA members. Members learn responsibility, respectation, and any roles as members of KIMA through various activities such as field trips. Of course having fun is the priority!


KOFIC : Korean Film Commission
KoreAm Journal : to be a publication that provides depth and insight into the evolving Korean American experience
Korean Cinema Edition : provides general inforamtion of Korean films and festival
Korean Cultural Center, L.A. : presents the culture of Koreans and Korean Americans, in all its manifestations – from the arts and music to sports and history
Korean Cultural Service in New York : promotes mutual understanding between Korea and the United States through its cultural and academic activities
Korean Film Archive : collects, preserves, restores, exhibits, and exchanges all the Korea-related films, visual materials, documents, scenarios, posters, stills, and music discs (This page redirects you to KOFIC Web site.)
Darcy’s Korean Film Page : to give the reader an overview of the films, issues, people and events that shape the film community in Korea
Korean Student Association of San Francisco State University : Korean cultural organization on campus
Center for Asian American Media (previously known as NAATA) : to present stories that convey the richness and diversity of the Asian Pacific American experience to the broadest audience possible.

Support KIMA

For all tax-exempted donations to the festival:
1. Please fill the Donation Form out.2. Write your checks to “SFSU Foundation” with a note that the donation is for the “2007 KIMA San Francisco Korean American Film Festival”.3. Write our account number (30-47643).4. Address to send you donations:
Russ OlevskyAnnual Fund Officerc/o San Francisco State University Foundation1600 Holloway AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94132-4049
For entry fees or inquiry:Chul HeoBECA, San Francisco State University1600 Holloway AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94132


E-mail: kima_master@mykima.orgWeb Site: http://www.mykima.org
Address:Korea Studies in Media Arts (KIMA)1600 Holloway AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94132